Ways to get your return back faster.

Expectations - We want to ensure your return is started as quickly as possible, that you are fully informed, and have accurate expectations. To begin preparation of your return we must receive at least 80% of your tax information.  This would include everything except maybe a  K-1.

Give us what you get- Quality imaging of your documents ensures accuracy and speed in applying your information to your return. Use the following suggestions for better results

  • When possible, send us your Original documents, instead of photocopies, if you receive them as paper
  • If you receive Electronic Documents forward them to us through the Client Portal, or email.
  • If you must send a phone picture of paper documentation, please follow these suggestions:
    • Make sure the document is well lit, and the camera is focused. Shadows can affect legibility.
    • Make sure the document is as flat as possible, creases can affect legibility.
    • Send the picture as Actual Size or Original Image when attaching to an email.

Organizers – Use these suggestions to ensure less time in imaging your tax documentation.

  • If you are filling out a paper organizer, please write in pen, one has been supplied in your organizer mailing envelope. Pencils should not be used, as dark writing ensures less time imaging your documents.
  • Please refrain from writing in the margins when filling out, or making notes on documentation.