History & Values

GranthamPoole’s long-standing commitment to service and value dates back to 1972 when J. Thomas Grantham Jr. and James E. Poole Jr. worked together as young accountants for a Jackson CPA firm. In 1977, Grantham launched his own company and Poole followed suit in 1985. Over the years, the two were equally successful before reuniting under the same roof in 1999. With more than 40 years experience between the two firms, GranthamPoole has created a solid history built on trust. Today, GranthamPoole is one of Mississippi’s largest accounting firms.

Our Core Values

Our desire is to be a Family who honors and serves God by serving each other, our clients, and our community with trust, integrity, and excellence.

Our Purpose

To serve our clients and those with whom they do business by providing accurate and reliable financial information. To protect and increase the financial health and wealth of our clients and their families. To anticipate and help solve the financial problems of our clients and their families. To help bring financial peace of mind to our clients and their families. To be proactive in finding ways to help our clients and their families. As a result of fulfilling the above purposes, to provide our GranthamPoole family with reasonable compensation and profits to enable us to provide for ourselves and our families.


GranthamPoole, one of Mississippi’s largest regional accounting firms with offices in Metro Jackson, Oxford, and Hattiesburg, uses focused-industry experience to customize solutions for your financial life. Discover how we can problem-solve with your needs in mind.






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