Dealing with the unknown and novel can result in uncertainty and stress.  The current coronavirus situation and its effects on the business world are unique in modern memory.  While the primary concerns are for human life and safety, business and personal financial considerations remain important, and special attention is required.  GranthamPoole is here to do our part to help see you through.

Accounting Needs & Cash Flow Management

Proper accounting and financial management is always important, particularly during periods of uncertainty.  From basic accounting needs to high-level financial planning and cash flow management, your GranthamPoole advisers are ready to assist.  Whether it is reviewing expenses to determine opportunities for discretionary reductions and deferrals, managing payroll needs, advising on capital expenditures, and forecasting revenues, we are here to help reduce the uncertainty and help you focus on your business.

Legislation & Tax Matters

The legislative, regulatory, and tax landscapes are changing quickly in response to the current situation. GranthamPoole is here to help walk you through the myriad of proposed and existing changes, including small business relief packages, potential tax procedural and other changes, in order for you to make the best decisions. We are monitoring – in real time – developments in Washington, D.C. and across the nation in state and local governments and taxing jurisdictions.

Business Structure & Financial Resources

An efficient, effective, uniquely tailored business structure is important to smooth operation and management of your business, as is a good capitalization and debt structure.  In a crisis such as we find ourselves, there is an opportunity to look for ways to either improve or affirm where you are.  Reviewing your business structure in changing environments is often a good idea, and a changing financial landscape can open new opportunities for financing.  Ask your GranthamPoole advisor about a review in one or more of these areas.

Planning for the Future

Business Continuity.  Disaster Planning.  Dealing with lost revenue, displaced employees, and customers with unfulfilled needs, among other things, can be difficult in the moment.  Planning ahead of time for interruptions of business and emergencies can lessen their impact when they occur.  Even in the moment, getting counsel in prioritizing management, operational, and financial imperatives can smooth the way to the other side of the crisis.  Part of an overall strategic planning approach, GranthamPoole can assist you in finding clarity in the storm.

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