Links of Interest

There are many great sites on the World Wide Web but trying to actually find those great sites can be a frustrating experience. We have compiled a list of Websites that we have found to be helpful resources of information. When you click on a link, a new window will pop up. Close the window when you are ready to return to this page.

Pay Your MS Taxes Online

Instructions for using the MS DOR TAP page to pay Mississippi state taxes electronically.


Mississippi Department of Revenue

Website for the State of Mississippi’s Revenue Department


Client File Drop

Link for GranthamPoole clients to securely upload files to the firm.


Internal Revenue Service

Home of the IRS on the Web. Access to IRS forms is available on this Website.


Mississippi Department of Employment Security

Mississippi State Unemployment



MPACT and MACS website provides information and applications for Mississippi Prepaid College Plans which fall within the definition of Internal Revenue Code Section 529.


Insurance Company Claims Numbers

List of insurance company phone numbers in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.



Quickbooks website offers software solutions for small to medium companies.


Social Security Administration

SSA website provides information regarding social security benefits.


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