The tax reform bill will have a certain impact on taxpayers and business owners in 2018. GranthamPoole has been on top of the news as it breaks and will be continuing to keep you up-to-date. When it comes to Tax Reform, We See You Through!

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Listen in as experts at GranthamPoole PLLC discuss some of the important changes in the tax code at our recent Tax Reform Seminar. The seminar covers changes such as individual tax rates, healthcare mandates, personal deductions, general business provisions, depreciation (including bonus depreciation), capitalization, and much more.

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CARES Act Makes Long-Awaited Correction to the “Retail Glitch”

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was a major overhaul of the U.S. Tax Code passed in 2017.  Of course, 2017 seems like decades ago considering all that has transpired since then, most notably the coronavirus pandemic.  Unfortunately, it took a...

Rethinking Itemized Deductions

The 2018 tax season saw major changes for most taxpayers due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s (TCJA) inaugural year. Many taxpayers found that they were no longer able to itemize deductions as they had been in years past. While there is little you can do to...

Home Sweet Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

One of the many changes in the new tax law that may impact you is the mortgage interest deduction. This is still a favorite deduction despite the significant increase in the standard deduction. It is important to first understand how the IRS defines...

Why You Should Still Like Like-Kind Exchanges

It’s no secret that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) ushered in sweeping changes to tax law that affected all of us. Today we’ll be talking about one such effect on owners of real estate: the 1031 exchange. Also known as like-kind exchanges, 1031 exchanges...

Like-Kind Exchanges: Still Great – Just Not All They Once Were

Tax-deferred like-kind exchanges have been around for a long time – a very long time.  In more or less their present form (excepting a significant change mentioned below), they have been a part of the income tax world for over 60 years – but the concept...

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