Cost Segregation in a Post-Pandemic World

After the past 18+ months of economic uncertainty (who’s tired of reading/hearing that phrase?), business owners and consumers seem to be getting amped up for a serious post-pandemic surge.  I could ask if we will ever really be “post-pandemic”...

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Ongoing Certificate of Good Standing Scam

With it being renewal time for the Mississippi Secretary of State Annual Report, we wanted to remind our small business clients to be cautious of an ongoing scam involving a falsified renewal form and a request for $90.50. The Secretary of State is the only provider...

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Potential Refund of ACA-Related Taxes

Later this year, the US Supreme Court will deliberate on a case that could potentially lead to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its associated taxes being found retroactively unconstitutional. If the Court does find the ACA unconstitutional, taxpayers may be entitled...

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