Fraud & Forensics

Successful businesses place continued emphasis on managing risk. A key element to risk management is the incorporation of a strong system of internal control into a company’s daily operations. Such internal controls help an organization to secure assets and protect them from theft or misappropriation. Unfortunately, businesses are often the victims of management fraud or employee theft. When a company suspects they may have experienced such loss, they want a professional they can trust to help them investigate and quantify the loss to support insurance claims and/or litigation. Our team of professionals is comprised of individuals with specialized education, training and experience in (a) helping clients design effective systems of internal control or helping clients fortify their existing systems of internal control, (b) performing forensic investigations, and/or (c) fraud examinations.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is the process of performing interviews of company personnel and searching through company records to identify instances of fraud or theft. The process is similar to an audit, except that unlike an audit, the procedures performed are designed with the specific intent to detect fraud. Forensic accounting engagements are different from fraud examination engagements, but they are related.

Fraud Examinations

Fraud examinations are typically conducted after an instance of fraud is discovered by management or as a result of a forensic investigation. Forensic examinations are focused on gathering evidence to prove or disprove suspected occurrences of fraud. Fraud examinations and forensic accounting engagements are different, but they are related.

Internal Control Assessments

An effective system of internal control is a key driver of business performance and one of the best protections against business failure. Internal control is an integral part of an organization’s risk management process, and when actively monitored by those charged with corporate governance, can enhance an organizations ability to leverage opportunities and counter threats to achieving the organization’s objectives. Using our knowledge of internal control systems, we can help your organization evaluate the design and effectiveness of your internal controls and assist in the implementation of improvements that can position your company to better manage risk and enhance operating efficiency.

Fraud & Forensics Team Leader

Robert A. Cunningham
Robert A. Cunningham
CPA, CFE, Managing Member


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